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Published: March 12, 2017

 HP OfficeJet Pro 7740HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

When HP introduced the first desktop laser printer in 1984, its industrial design fit right in with the dawn of the personal computing era: large, plastic and unmistakably boxy.

And as print technology grew more sophisticated over the subsequent decades, these features didn’t change much, even as printers began to show up in people’s homes.HP OfficeJet 200 for mobile workers.HP OfficeJet 200 for mobile workers.

Today, HP’s desktop printers have as much thought put into the way they look as how they perform.

It’s one of the reasons why three HP printers were named among the most stylish products in the world at this year’s iF Design Awards. The winning products HP OfficeJet Pro 7740, HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile and HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile AiO won in the category for office-related items, a grouping that covered everything from conference room furniture to pens. 

HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile AiOHP OfficeJet 250 Mobile AiOThe HP OfficeJet 200 and HP OfficeJet 250 were designed with mobile professionals in mind. The All-in-One printers are sleek and compact, with a black finish that won’t collect fingerprints and will look good wherever they’re transported. They not only enable the scanning, printing and copying of documents from laptops, smartphones or tablets, but they also do so with the security features that preserve the sensitivity of many business documents, and important feature for mobile professionals who work in the field.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 is a wide-format printer geared toward small- and medium-sized businesses that need an affordable All-in-One printer that can tackle projects of all sizes. It produces high-quality printed materials at a lower cost per page and its wide-format options give companies the features they need to push the limits of their designs.

11098.jpgThe HP OfficeJet printers were recognized for their unique premium design, quiet performance and compact size by a jury of over 58 independent experts from all over the world. The competition was intense: more than 5,500 entries were submitted from 59 countries in categories that range from cars to jewellery to architecture.

“At HP, we’re focused on reinventing all aspects of the customer experience by bringing innovation and design together in an integrated way, said Anneliese Olson, GM and Global Head of Home Printing Solutions at HP. "Industrial design has shifted to the center of our design creation process for the OfficeJet Pro line-up – including how the device will look, what it feels like to operate, how customers will interact with it and also its finishes so it fits into people’s homes and offices in a way they want it to look and feel."

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Published: October 12, 2017



Gift, create, share, and relive moments for the snappiest holiday season ever.


It’s nearly here. The ceremonies and celebrations, parties and gifts, generations-old and inaugural traditions alike. Just in time for the holiday season, new HP Sprocket family products help everyone to celebrate and share the story of their revelries.


Family.pngToday, HP announced its new lifestyle photo category including an expansion of its HP Sprocket product line. Headlining the announcement is the HP Sprocket 2-in-1, the newest evolution in the popular Sprocket line-up, which combines a pocket-sized photo printer with a built-in instant camera to capture every fun and memorable experience with friends and family. The 2-in-1 offers an entertaining, center-of-the-party way to capture moments on the spot, unlock photos from your smartphone and social media, relive favorite memories, or print and share them instantly.


“Our research tells us that teens and young adults love stylish gadgets that enhance social events by contributing a fun, new element and bringing people closer together.” Anneliese Olson, General Manager and Global Head of Home Printing Solutions at HP, said. “In a world where we click what we like and print what we love, print is alive and thriving, especially when it comes to photography. We are meeting the cultural shift back to the tangible things in life with our lifestyle photography lineup—enabling people to capture and share life’s important moments.”

The Sprocket 2-in-1 makes its debut at the Vogue’s Forces of Fashion event in New York City today, where creatives, designers and photographers will get their hands on it, enabling them to capture the days’ most fashionable moments.

Innovation throughout

Extending the award-winning Sprocket design, the 2-in-1 is the perfect gift: small and light enough to fit in a purse or pocket, it produces stunning 2x3” stick-able snapshots or social media photos in less than a minute. Also announced today is the Sprocket Plus, which offers 30% larger photos so it’s easier to include everyone, with the biggest photos and thinnest design ever from a Sprocket, and on the market today.

The free to download, quick-and-easy HP Sprocket App for iOS and Android lets users easily print their photos with simple two-tap process: select a photo and print a photo. That’s it! To get more creative, personalize photos with frames, emojis, text, stickers, filters, and more. Connect social media accounts to the HP Sprocket App and instantly turn any of those photos into colorful prints, too. The HP Sprocket App continues to deliver innovative features like a photobooth mode for those silly moments with friends, getting creative with a tile print, and even incorporate your own hand-drawn stickers into the app. Whether you are looking for a simple print or bringing your creative A game, the HP Sprocket App delivers.

With today’s announcements, and across the entire Sprocket product family, HP has also updated the mobile experience to incorporate augmented reality technology (AR) in ways that help everyone tell deeper stories that bring to life Sprocket prints. With the “Relive Memories” feature, users can simply scan a photo via the Sprocket app and it automatically attaches to a video—from your phone or social media feed related to that photo—that plays magically in AR on the photo. To help share a richer story, swipe once to instantly see all the photos from that location or date, then swipe again to unlock content about the locale. Suddenly, Sprocket pictures become a celebration of the whole moment.

The prints are still produced using ZINK Zero Ink™ Technology, which means all the color required for printing is embedded in the HP photo paper itself. It delivers ready-to-share snaps that are sticky-backed, smudge-proof, and water- and tear-resistant.

Personalize and enhance

Not only a perfect gift, Sprocket products are a must-have holiday party centerpiece to capture, share, and extend the fun. They are also ideal for making special gifts for family and friends. From a year-in-review sccollage.pngrapbook, custom holiday cards, wall displays, or photo desk accessories, the printing experts at HP have you covered. With any of the Sprocket products, photos become instant stickers when the backing is peeled off, for immediate decorating of journals, walls, lockers, ornaments, gift tags, and more.

HP is also offering an expanded portfolio of colors with premium designs, as well as a suite of fashionable accessories for the Sprocket lineup, from sleeves and wallets, to cool decorations to showcase photo creations, to albums and journals to commemorate special events.

To learn more about the expanded HP Sprocket family and get details about product pricing, colors and availability, visit http://www8.hp.com/us/en/printers/sprocket.html.


Published: August 28, 2017



For families, nearly every day holds a milestone: a lost tooth, a new pet, all sorts of big and small moments. Sure, most of these events are recorded on a smartphone or other digital device—but then what?

Most are in “digital prisons,” never to leave the confines of the camera roll or a backup drive. In fact, of the trillion photos that will be taken this year, only 45 billion will ever be printed.

HP wants to change this. The company is tapping into its long-running expertise in the home printer market to bring printed photos back into the heart of creative expression.

There’s mounting evidence that printed images still hold the key to our hearts. Case in point: sales of paperbound books are on the rise as e-book sales fall, and more money is being spent on vinyl albums versus downloaded music. HP_ENVYPhoto_Dad and Daughter Fairies_Family 2_Product In Situ_7100 (1).jpg


“Families take a lot of photos, but after the click of the shutter it’s often a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind,” Anneliese Olson, General Manager and Global Head of Home Printing Solutions at HP said. “We want to give them the ability to celebrate their path of life by instantly and affordably printing those joyful memories.”

It’s human to crave the tactile satisfaction that physical objects afford. People want to print photos and to surround themselves with reminders of their dearest memories, but freeing photos from the device has, until now, required them to wait for the mail or a run to the store. That’s why HP today introduced the new HP ENVY Photo All-in-One Printer series, three new photo printers that aim to deliver all the impact of printed images with the ease and convenience of printing at home. Gorgeous, high quality photos of your adventures and celebrations at your fingertips—for less than five cents a print with the HP Instant Ink service.


Create and learn with at-home convenience

With photos that pop off the page and borderless printing, create a stunning wall gallery or an impressive family tree. Personalize virtually any event from announcements to invitations to cards and more. Plus, studies show that people learn and retain information better in physical formats, so give free reign to imaginations to ace school assignments, uncover crafting talents, or create educational activities.

HP added special features to the printer that make colors more vibrant. Part of that effort was tinkering with the shadows and contrasts that can fall flat when translating imagery from a digital display to a paper-based one. HP re-tooled its HP 64 black ink so it does double-duty: it not only enables better definition in printed photos, it also ensures the very best text quality on plain paper.


Envy Photo Printer 7800.jpgEasy to use

From start to print, the HP ENVY Photo All-in-One Printer series puts the focus on creativity, without a lot of setup. The printer comes equipped with Bluetooth® SMART for fast Wi-Fi setup in less than a minute to your home network using the HP Smart app on your smartphone, and dual band Wi-Fi keeps you connected more reliably. The HP Smart App makes it easy to print photos from social media, the cloud, and your camera-roll gallery, plus you can scan and share to email or the cloud from virtually anywhere. You can even order ink directly through the app. And, with HP Instant Ink, ink is automatically ordered by your printer and delivered to your door so you never run out. These printers are fully versatile, so you can print, copy, scan and fax from one device. And, the dedicated photo paper tray makes it a cinch to switch to photo printing.


Backed by sustainable design

The HP ENVY Photo Printers allow users to print with sustainability in mind. They’re the world’s first in-class printers made with closed-loop recycled plastic - more than 10 percent by weight1

Combined with our original HP cartridges, which are made with plastic from bottles recycled in Haiti, HP paper made with 100 percent certified fiber or recycled content, and HP’s HP Planet Partners program, the HP ENVY Photo Printer is truly a printing system backed by sustainable design.

Finally, it’s easy to get great quality photos at home. The new HP ENVY Photo All-in-One Printer series gives you the power to print beautifully—with convenience and affordability.

“High-quality, vibrant photos create lasting keepsakes to hold onto and enable an unprecedented level of personalization for both education and creativity," Olson said. "With the HP Envy Photo Printer’s ability to create real connections through tangible memories, it’s destined to become one of the family’s favorite in-home devices.”

For more on the new HP ENVY Photo Printer Family, visit: www.hp.com/go/envyphoto.


1 – Compared to of majority in-class color desktop inkjet all-in-ones <$199 USD. HP internal research survey of printer manufacturers’ published specifications, sustainability reports and press releases as of 8/1/2017 and Buyers Laboratory Inc. 2017 study commissioned by HP; keypointintelligence.com/products/samples/hp-envy/. Market share as reported by IDC CYQ1 2017 Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker. The HP ENVY 6200, 7100 and 7800 all-in-one printers contain more than 10% closed-loop plastic from recycled printers and other electronics plastic by weight of the plastic.

Published: April 06, 2017

 Taiji_WL_2655_Dreamy_Teal_HiGloss cropped..jpg

Unlike Millennials, who are known for chasing the newest and most feature-rich consumer electronics, empty-nesters and seniors want different things from their tech.

With the American population aged 65 and older expected to double, there's little doubt that Baby Boomers will be heading into their golden years with their smartphones in hand. But the ways in which this group uses their tech will change significantly as they get older.

It’s one of the reasons why HP designed a new DeskJet printer with wireless connectivitybut scraps a lot of other bells and whistlesto meet their needs for wireless printing from a smartphone or tablet, at an affordable price.

Today the company rolled out the DeskJet 2600 series, the company’s lowest-priced All-in-One printer with wireless and mobile connectivity. It can print, copy and scan and retails for about $50.  

 Taiji_WL_2655_White_HiGloss_CP-Closeup_HR_v1_8bit.jpg“The customer we are targeting doesn’t need 100-sheet inputs trays or really fast speeds, because they don’t do a ton of printing,” said Cari Dorsh, director, home consumer product management at HP. “They need convenience, ease-of-use and reliability in a low-cost device.”


No-compromise connectivity

With fewer cables, wireless printing offers flexibility in where a printer is placed and enables printing from mobile devices and PCs alike. But for consumers who don’t have broadband at home, HP embedded Wi-Fi Direct in the DeskJet 2600 ensures that users—or anyone who walks into the housecan still print from their smartphones or other mobile computing devices.

“We know that the whole market is moving toward wireless and customers want mobile,” Dorsh said. “Wi-Fi Direct enables multiple users to connect their smartphone or tablet directly to the all-in-one and easily print without accessing a network.”


Rethinking design

HP’s engineers were able to keep costs down by removing higher-end features, simplifying the device and making it easy to use out of the box.

There aren’t a lot of features to get confused about, Dorsh said, making it an ideal printer for empty nesters or in multi-generational households where grandparents reside with their school-age grandkids. 


“We did a couple of things differently for this customer segment to better meet their needs,” she said. “For this customer, having wireless connectivity and mobile printing is more important than higher-end printer features.”

Those design tweaks included enlarging the control buttons and reducing the feature set on the control panel to make the printer’s capabilities easy to understand.

For people on a limited budget, HP offers a low-cost, subscription-based Instant Ink services that ensures ink is delivered automatically when supplies are running low, for a monthly fee that is as little as $2.99 per month.Taiji_WL_2655_Noble_Blue_HiGloss_Catalog_3QL_HR_v1_8bit.jpg

Wireless setup was streamlined, too. All of it can be done via the HP All-in-One Remote smartphone app that walks through the process for a smoother user experience.

“We made the setup much easier for people who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy,” Dorsh said. “They get these forward-looking features and something everyone in the house can connect to without a lot of added cost or complexity.”

More specs for the HP DeskJet 2655 AiO can be found here. Global availability will roll out later this year. 

Published: January 08, 2017

Poland Guiness.jpgHave a look at your average person’s smartphone camera roll and you’ll notice that making memories by taking photos is something they do every day.

What they  don’t always do is preserve those memories in print.

As a leading maker of printers for consumers and businesses, it’s this idea that sponsored HP’s recent campaign, dubbed #ReinventMemories, which aimed to  remind people of the joy of preserving memories not only by taking pictures, but also printing them out to keep or share with others. 

HP Deskjet 3700HP Deskjet 3700HP collected 10,133 prints in Poland. As part of the campaign, Polish users uploaded and shared their favorite memories. The campaign culminated at a "printing party" where all participants were invited to  print their memories  on the world’s smallest All-in-One printer, HP’s own DeskJet 3700.  

The campaign didn’t just make a statement in the advertising world, it landed HP  one of the most recognized awards in the world: a Guinness World Record.

You read that right, HP set the  Guinness World Record for the  longest line of photographs.

When put into a line, the more than 10,000 photos stretched more than three-quarters of a mile, or 4,155 feet. 

These photos – all 4 x 5 inches in size – were then used to decorate a 26 foot tall by 12.5 foot wide Christmas tree inside of Poland’s Wroclaw shopping mall.

 Poland 3.jpg As part of the memory gathering, HP also wanted to give back to the community. For every memory sent in, HP donated to the Empowering Children Foundation, which supports children and their families.

The campaign was a reminder of the magic of printed photos, and the joy that printing can create. Winning a Guinness World Record was just icing on the cake.