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Published: May 12, 2017


The explosion of virtual and augmented reality hardware and software—at a recent check, it’s a market that’s set to grow to $108 billion by 2021—is already changing the face of the video game and entertainment industries.  

But what if it could also change the way healthcare providers interact with their patients, the way educators teach their students and even the way office workers run meetings?

That’s the vision offered by MIcrosoft and HP, who this week unveiled the new HP Windows Mixed Reality Developer Edition Headset, which is available for pre-orders at Microsoft Stores, priced at $329 USD and $449 CAD.  

“Windows Mixed Reality is not just about gaming, but how we will interact with computers in the future,” said John Ludwig, gaming and VR product manager at HP. “From an experience perspective, we’re helping Microsoft put Windows Mixed Reality technology into your everyday life.”

The devkit, which offers tools for the MR/VR/AR software development community, aims to inspire them to build software and applications with immersive capabilities for a broader, more mainstream audience ahead of the planned consumer launch later this year. 


Bringing Windows Mixed Reality to the mainstreamMetal_lensdetail web.png

 Before VR can do things like offer virtual travel experiences, facilitate social networking or help people receive mental health services, there’s room for its hardware to evolve.

As it is right now, the headset market is fragmented. There are high-performance devices for tethering with high-end gaming rigs that deliver immersive experiences, such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. There are also lower-end devices, such as Google’s Daydream platform and Samsung’s Gear VR, that are meant to hook up to a smartphone for mobile applications.

But for the average PC user, there’s not much in between, Ludwig said.

“What’s innovative about Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform is that it spans both worlds, from accessory-driven, mobile applications all the way up to hardcore gaming,” he said.

Even when creating a device for software developers, HP’s designers set out to make a headset that’s both versatile and hones in on improving the user experience, according to Ludwig.


Metal_frontdetail web.pngGearing up for consumer launch

The developer kit precedes the eventual HP consumer hardware, which is expected to roll out later this year. It costs about half of what’s currently offered in the market for consumers and takes advantage of some key innovations that make it more appealing to a wider audience than ever before.

Today’s higher-end devices are expensive—running at about $500 for a single headset—and require pairing with a gaming or other high-performance PC with beefy graphics processing. They also require a lot of complex setup, including a dedicated space to install sensors around a room so that the player’s movements can be tracked with accuracy.

For example, to make setup easier, the device taps a pair of front-facing cameras that scan the space around the player to track movement.Metal_leftfacingcable web.png

 It also ups the game on visuals, with a resolution boost to 1,440 x 1,440 pixels per eye. That’s an improvement from the existing standard of 1,280 x 1,080 per eye in most headsets today. It also features a 2-in-1 cable that pairs HDMI 1.4 and USB 3.0 together for easier, plug-and-play setup with no additional software to install and compatibility with whatever computing device the consumer already has – even an ultrabook. 

“We want to expand the market and spur developers to get started making great content and novel applications for today’s users and potential users,” Ludwig said. “Microsoft has enabled us to move the Windows Mixed Reality headset into a much more consumer-friendly place.”

The HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition is available for pre-orders at Microsoft Stores for U.S. and Canada, and on HP.com.

    Blended Reality Gaming
Published: January 08, 2018

At CES 2018, HP is ushering in the next generation of personal computing and enabling a wide range of exciting PC experiences.

HP ENVY x2_Lifestyle03.jpg

The six new HP products range from the world’s most powerful convertible PC  and its newest Always-Connected PC 2-in-1 to a groundbreaking 3D camera and cutting-edge gaming technology.


Creative Powerhouse: HP Spectre x360 15HP Spectre x360 15_Lifestyle01.jpg

 From intensive workloads to editing huge video files, the  HP Spectre x360 15 offers fast performance and powerful discrete graphics to effortlessly create, edit and stream 4K and 3D content. Gorgeously designed, the Spectre x360 is offered in Dark Ash Silver with Copper Luxe accents including sleek geared hinges for seamless transitions between laptop, tablet and entertainment modes, and a durable, brilliant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 4K UHD display. Speakers now sit above the keyboard for an improved audio experience while allowing the keyboard to offer numeric keypad ideal for Adobe short-cut keys.


Techradar declares, “With the latest HP Spectre x360 15, HP has managed to straddle the line between modernity and legacy, not to mention power and panache.”


Starting at $1,369.99, the HP Spectre x360 15-inch is planned to be available via HP.com and Best Buy on March 18.


Always-Connected: HP ENVY x2HP ENVY x2_05.jpg

Thin, light, and durable, HP ENVY x2, features Intel® CoreTM processors and a brilliant 12.3-inch diagonal touch WUXGA+ display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4. The leather-like textured Oxford Blue case integrates an adjustable stand to transform from laptop to tablet mode. Built for productivity anywhere, it offers a backlit keyboard with a 1.3 mm key travel for a smooth typing experience in any lighting condition, Windows Ink pen for a natural drawing and writing experience, and up to 17 hours of battery life. 7th Gen Intel® CoreTM Y-Series processors are optimized for maximum performance gains, equipped with up to 256 GB PCIe SSD Storage to store presentations and multi-task with up to 8GB LPDDR3 memory.


Engadget says, “It's more of a traditional Surface competitor for people who aren't yet ready to adopt a Snapdragon chip for their computing needs. And based on what we've seen, it'll offer up some worthy competition to Microsoft's machines.”


The HP ENVY x2 is planned to be available in Spring 2018.

 HP Z 3D Camera-attached_top.png

Next-Gen Designing: HP Z 3D Camera

Created for CG artists, 3D designers, game developers and digital fine artists, the HP Z 3D Camera reinvents creative workflows by bringing the Sprout by HP experience to the PC. The new camera allows for richer, more immediate remote live sharing by putting the desk, hands, and more into view. With easy-to-download tracking and scanning software, it constructs 3D models in real time. Workflows are enhanced by scanning objects with computer-graphics-friendly resolutions that maintain separate texture maps for physical-based rendering and AR, VR and mixed reality content creation. 


“The demand for 3D content has skyrocketed, and 3D pros are constantly looking for new hardware and software innovations,” said HP’s Louis Kim, global head of Immersive Computing, Personal Systems to Tom’s Hardware. “The HP Z 3D Camera helps speed up modeling, reinvent the creative palette and protect the artistic point of view. . .”


The HP Z 3D Camera is planned to be available in the US only in March 2018 for $599.


Alexa, Meet Your PC: HP Pavilion WaveHP Pavilion Wave with Alexa for Windows.png

HP Pavilion Wave brings the Amazon Alexa for Windows 10 experience to the powerful and beautiful compact desktop. A unique desktop built around a fully integrated, advanced audio system to play music, listen to movies, and web chats, the Pavilion Wave is the perfect device to take productivity and multitasking to the next level with Amazon Alexa to help. Customers can control music, timers, alarms, smart home devices and more simply by asking Alexa while web browsing, working, or streaming content. HP Pavilion Wave is planned to ship with Amazon Alexa in Spring 2018 with a starting price at $549.99.


Anywhere, Anytime: OMEN Game StreamOMEN Game Stream_01 (1).jpg

Gamers can now take their OMEN gaming experience with them on-the-go: Using any Windows 10 device, they can connect to their OMEN PC and play games that are well beyond the hardware specifications of the connecting device for an incredible cloud gaming experience.  


 “HP offers the latest in a growing number of options intended to solve the problem of playing power-hungry games on increasingly lightweight hardware,” Cnet explains, saying the OMEN Game Stream “lets you play on another Windows system without a discrete GPU (or a lame one) streaming off a more powerful OMEN gaming system over the internet.” 


OMEN Game Stream is planned to ship on OMEN systems in Spring 2018.


Ultra Vivid: OMEN x 65 Big Format Gaming DisplayOMEN X 65 Display.jpg

“HP has peeled the covers off some more cool gear at CES 2018 and one of the coolest things in the mix is the OMEN X 65 Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD). This is a gigantic 65-inch 4K UHD HDR-10 monitor for you to get your game on in the living room, or your man/woman cave,” crows Hothardware.  

OMEN X 65 Big Format Gaming Display with NVIDIA G-Sync™ is a next-generation big format gaming display for the home featuring a cutting edge 4K UHD 65-inch diagonal display. The display runs a 120 Hz refresh rate with ultra-low sub latency and HDR-10 for gamers to enjoy gorgeous color, brightness and contrast with the performance they crave to beat the competition. NVIDIAG-Sync™ and NVIDIA® SHIELD™ TV integration provide incredible fluidity to the screen for gaming, streaming movies, TV shows and music.


OMEN X 65 Big Format Gaming Display with NVIDIA G-SYNC™ is planned to be available in Fall 2018.


For more information on all the cool HP products announced at CES, visit the CES Online Press Kit.


Published: December 06, 2017



eSports is the latest phenomenon engaging the next generation of students. The rise of eSports has been meteoric with revenues expected in the $100B range globally this year alone. In fact, more millennial males watch eSports than traditional spectator sports like baseball or hockey, according to a survey conducted by Newzoo, an eSports market research firm, and it is expected that the global fan base of eSports will exceed 500 million by 2020. This is a white-hot arena, and higher education has taken notice.

Today in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology announced an all-new arena to support its first and only varsity sport: eSports. Powered by OMEN Gaming PCs and accessories, this state-of-the art arena will support its three varsity teams competing in Overwatch®, League of Legends™ and Hearthstone™, as well as more casual gamers from the university and local communities. Harrisburg University president Eric Darr announced that the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts would become the official arena for the institution’s varsity eSports team.


“The growing phenomenon of eSports has captured the hearts and minds of avid gamers and spectators around the globe," said Darr. “We are enthusiastic about our chances of becoming a major player in the world of collegiate eSports with the unveiling of this new arena.”

Like the new Harrisburg University arena, campuses all over the world have created intercollegiate eSports teams. This is why HP created the OMEN Gaming Arena for Higher Education reference designs, offering campuses a variety of arena configurations from 20 seats to over 100, all pre-configured to create an exceptional fast, but level playing field for pro-level competitive eSports. These collegiate arenas complement HP’s relationship with the Overwatch League and all of our industry-leading OMEN gaming gear.

Gaming is quickly becoming a keystone for the Campus of the Future

In higher education, the office of student affairs has become a crucial driver of improved student success. eSports arenas – whether casual or professional-level – provide campuses with a modern facility to engage gamers of all abilities, while keeping students engaged in the campus community. Moreover, many campus eSports arenas are also open to public use, increasing community engagement, especially with local youth. Community engagement is what drove Harrisburg University to choose the Whitaker Center as the marquis venue for the new arena.


“Whitaker Center is the “crown jewel” of downtown Harrisburg, the bustling state capitol of Pennsylvania, and is an ideal location for showcasing eSports events and HP’s state-of-the-art gaming technology,” said Ted Black, President and CEO of the Whitaker Center. “Our collaboration with HP and Harrisburg University will be a beacon to attract fans and players from every corner of the eSports world. This one-of-a-kind venue represents a seismic change for collegiate eSports!”



Gaming innovation delivered through strategic collaborations with D&H and Intel®

One critical lynchpin of the project’s planning and success to date has been the expertise of D&H Distributing, a leading international technology distributor. HP and D&H have collaborated to bring more innovation to campus eSports through unique programs which help institutions design, configure, deploy and manage eSports arenas throughout the United States and Canada.


“D&H is proud to be aligned with great local names such as Harrisburg University and the Whitaker Center, plus global technology brands HP and Intel®,” said Dan Schwab, Co-CEO at D&H Distribution. “We are excited to be a part of this incredible eSports explosion, and what better way to do so than by helping accelerate adoption and visibility less than two miles from our corporate offices.”

Another essential partner has been Intel® – a leader in eSports and PC gaming performance. From the high performance Intel® Core™ i7 processors to the Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P Series acceleration technology, Intel® has been an indispensable partner in engineering next-generation gaming and eSports experiences. Their support of the OMEN Collegiate eSports Arenas has fueled even more innovation, as their experienced team helps optimize loadouts, networks, graphics and synchronization to ensure the best gaming experiences possible.

The new eSports arena at Harrisburg University signals a new direction in higher education. We look forward to partnering with many more institutions in the coming year to bring eSports to campuses all over the world.

To learn more about HP’s commitment to higher education and gaming, visit hp.com/hied, and follow @OMENbyHP and the hashtag #DominateTheGame


Published: November 02, 2017

Cosplay by Kara Corvus  Photo by Gil Photography.jpg


In anticipation of an action-packed BlizzCon 2017, HP is excited to announce a multiyear sponsorship of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League. This means that OMEN by HP PCs and displays will be used exclusively for Overwatch League games, and the OMEN PCs being used will all be powered by Intel, the official CPU sponsor of the Overwatch League, who will equip all competition PCs with Intel® Core™ i7 processors. You’ll be able to check out the world’s best players battling on OMEN hardware when preseason play begins on December 6th, and again when regular-season play begins on January 10th, 2018. The Overwatch League will be the first major global city-based esports league, with 12 inaugural-season teams across Asia, Europe, and North America.


Working with Blizzard Entertainment as a global technology partner of the Overwatch League is the perfect way to celebrate esports talent and showcase our hardware within the competitive gaming arena,” said Alex Craddock, global head of marketing, personal systems at HP. “OMEN hardware has been widely adopted by many of the world’s top esports professionals, and we’re thrilled to help power the gameplay for the Overwatch League.”



This sentiment was echoed in a statement by Pete Vlastelica, president & CEO of Blizzard Entertainment’s Major League Gaming division, who said, “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with HP and Intel to ensure that the teams competing professionally in Overwatch are equipped with top-end technology. Multiyear collaborations such as this illustrate the momentum behind the Overwatch League as well as a long-term commitment by us and our partners in what we see as the future of esports.”


Back in June we also teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment to become the official PC of the Overwatch World Cup. This latest partnership further affirms our support of this stellar game, esports, and gaming enthusiasts around the world.


It was during this partnership that Pete Vlastelica said, “In addition to being a showcase for some of the top players in the world, the Overwatch World Cup represents the global spirit at the heart of Overwatch. We’re pleased to have HP’s help in supporting this friendly—and fierce—international competition.


With BlizzCon starting tomorrow, the OMEN by HP team would like to invite everyone to stop by the OMEN Arcade and sign up to participate in wild 3v3 action as attendees team up with their friends for a chance to win a real-life loot box stuffed with OMEN hardware and Overwatch surprises. To top it off, matches will be shoutcasted by Dogman and Seamoose, to give all our competitors the full esports athlete experience.


While at our booth, visitors can also strike an Overwatch victory pose at a green screen that places them on the front of the Overwatch World Cup steps. After, the photo can be immortalized in physical form courtesy of our HP Inkjet printers. To take it a step further, we’ll also have cosplayers Kara Corvus and Spoon Makes touring the show floor with HP Sprockets for some on-the-spot printed photos and social-media ops.


OMEN Arcade.jpgIn addition to the features above, the Arcade will contain a showcase packed with OMEN by HP products and accessories for gamers’ viewing and testing pleasure—some of which will be discounted for those looking to upgrade their hardware via handouts and social activations.


As if sponsorships, arcades, a loot box, and cosplay weren’t enough, OMEN by HP will also be participating in the NVIDIA Emissary Quest, a scavenger hunt themed after Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. Attendees are invited to stop by NVIDIA-powered booths to complete certain objectives, and those who participate in the Emissary Quest are invited to come experience demos of our OMEN X 35 NVIDIA G-sync display.


BlizzCon is the deciding arena for the aforementioned Overwatch World Cup finals, where OMEN by HP will be powering every minute of gameplay during the live competitions all weekend long. Eight nations remain, but only one will be crowned victorious!

Find out more and follow the action unfold live at BlizzCon 2017 with @OMENbyHP and the hashtag #DominateTheGame

Published: October 31, 2017



With an incredible TwitchCon 2017 having wrapped up, we look back on an experience that enabled us to connect with fellow gamers, streamers, and esports athletes alike. Since day one, it has been a goal for us on the OMEN by HP team to share our love of gaming with the rest of the world and to celebrate this passion as being something that unites EVERYONE.


Bringing The OMEN Challenge to TwitchCon through a 40 streamer duo team PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) fight to the death was just another example of this passion. This was our most ambitious OMEN Challenge yet, and if you weren’t there, we’d love for you to relive the VOD of the event on our Twitch Channel. If you plan on watching and don’t know the outcome (SPOILERS), stop reading because we reveal the winners, but don’t forget to come back to see all the other OMEN goodness.DSC_3344%20(1)_preview_jpeg.jpg


It was an absolute blast to watch the hilarity and carnage unfold, but in the end it was Tommy of 2AngryGamers and Stodeh who emerged as our winners.


PUBG creator Brendan Greene echoed this enthusiasm in his interview with IGN’s Destin Legarie where he stated, “This is a great spectacle. This OMEN Challenge is fantastic. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a great arena, but that’s what I wanted for a battle royale eSport, was this kind of spectacle.” We share your vision Brendan and are ecstatic so many people loved the arena and event we put together. It won’t be the last one!

 Mobalytics x OMEN.PNGSpeaking of expectations, something many gamers have asked about are ways to get an edge with improving their personal performance. In teaming up with Mobalytics we’re holding true to this mission. Mobalytics uses Riot’s API to calculate your in-game performance in order to provide you with statistically generated advice on ways you can improve your play in League of Legends.


Mobalytics CEO and Co-Founder Bogdan Sychyk said it best when letting the world know that they, “are on a mission to build the ultimate analytics platform for competitive gamers, one which gives dynamic and meaningful insights on individual performance and allows game players everywhere to excel and improve.


Being a part of the journey that competitive gamers experience is something we care about deeply and our commitment toward helping gamers excel will always be at the forefront of our minds here at HP.


We couldn’t be happier to be part of their Open Beta and invite you to join in.


Lastly, we’d like you to join us for the OMEN Arcade at the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon 2017, Nov 3-4. In celebrating Overwatch and everyone who plays it, get ready to pair up with two of your friends in a 3v3 tournament - complete with shoutcasters and a stage - as you attempt to win a real life lootbox filled with legit OMEN hardware and Overwatch swag.


When visiting the OMEN Arcade, feel free to test our products, strike a victory pose at the green screen, and ask us any questions that come to mind. Also, keep an eye out for a certain Overwatch cosplayer touring the floor for some on-the-spot photo opportunities - complete with a print you can take home.


While you’re at the show, don’t miss out on the Overwatch World Cup finals. HP is an Official PC Partner of Blizzard Entertainment for this event and our OMEN X desktop will be powering all of the gameplay for the tournament. Just to tantalize you a bit more, look for another major announcement from us next week while we’re at BlizzCon 2017.


Find out more by following @OMENbyHP and the hashtag #DominateTheGame

Published: September 01, 2017



What might entice a gamer away from the siren call of the screen and comfort of the couch? A gaming conference tops the list, with a chance to connect with other gamers, test drive the latest technology and meet esport heroes. 

This weekend, up to 80,000 gamers are set to descend on the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle for PAX West, one of the largest gaming conferences in the U.S. At the convention, gamers from around the world have the opportunity to check out the HP OMEN gaming lineup, including the latest additions to the family.


“The OMEN team is excited to bring the full OMEN family to the celebration of all things gaming that is PAX West,” said Spike Huang, director of product management for gaming and virtual reality at HP. “Attendees will be able to compete for Real Life Loot Boxes while playing on OMEN X, plus try out the brand-new HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset—our very first headset in partnership with Microsoft.”

OMEN_Arcade_Logo_bg_v1_sml.jpgThe OMEN Arcade inside the OMEN by HP booth invites esport athletes to try out HP OMEN X desktop PCs as they compete in a 3v3 Overwatch tournament—a celebration of the eagerly awaited Overwatch World Cup, of which OMEN by HP is an official sponsor. Guests play for cool OMEN and Overwatch swag and a chance to win Real Life Loot Boxes. The OMEN by HP booth also features a product showcase of the entire HP OMEN family, where visitors can test drive the new OMEN X Laptop. An additional 32 OMEN stations are available for free play in the main stage area.

During PAX West, Microsoft and HP will unveil a consumer version of the HP Windows Mixed Reality Developer Edition Headsetwhich was announced earlier this year.

Designed with gamers top-of-mind, this plug-and-play headset with controllers delivers a stunning and immersive mixed reality experience thanks to 1440 x 1440 resolution per eye, up to a 90Hz refresh rate (all performance specifications represent the typical specifications provided by HP's component manufacturers; actual performance may vary either higher or lower), and wireless motion controllers. Plus, an incredibly comfortable double-padded band and easy adjustments means gamers can play for hours.

Expected to be available in the U.S. on Tuesday, October 17, the headset will retail at HP.com for $449.99; this price includes the headset, two motion controllers and 4 AA batteries. It can also be purchased at Best Buy and through Microsoft, and retailer pricing may vary by location. Pricing is subject to change without notice.  

Find out more by following @OMENbyHP and the hashtags #DominatewithOMEN and #OMENCHALLENGE.